About Us

About Us

When you want to know more and get even more

Our Strengths
• Language thoroughness; accuracy, clarity and richness
• Attention to details, presentation and form
• Creativity and originality
• Methodical and organized

Our Values
• Passion for languages
• Quality of service and work ethic
• Integrity and responsibility
• Customer satisfaction

Our Guarantee
Satisfaction guarantee or the work will be done over at our cost.

Our Privacy Policy
Lachute à mots ensures the privacy of all your communications. No information will be divulged to other parties and printed communications will be destroyed.

Our Contribution Towards the Environment
Electronic work methods are highly favoured. The use of paper is reduced to its minimum and when necessary, the paper is used on both sides and recycled afterwards. Furthermore, our website hosting is powered by certified 100% renewable green energy sources.

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