Because the CAT* and other tools do not replace expertise

Do not hesitate to entrust us with your communications. Our experts have extensive knowledge in different specialized fields. Here are some examples:

Specialization Areas

• Administration
• Communications
• Human and social sciences
• Municipal

• Telecommunications
• Tourism and recreation
• Transport

Types of Documents

• Brochures, pamphlets and leaflets
• Newsletters
• Press releases and memoranda
• Curricula vitae
• Operating guides and user manuals

• Letters and other correspondences
• Advertising messages
• Processes and procedures
• Minutes

Did You Know?

Our translation, revision and writing services may also be performed in your workplace to better meet your particular needs.

* Computer-assisted translation. Even though it is free for all Internet users, the result is very rudimentary. The CAT can be used to help grasp the meaning of a text. Note that even the most advance software cannot replace professional translators, since the meaning of a word varies according to the context in which it is used.


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